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Improve your companies by spending career points to upgrade their assets. To buy new assets, you must be logged in. For detailed instructions see Help. For a step-by-step interactive guide to assets play the Tutorial.


Asset TransferAsset TransferAsset Transfer

Points to spend: 0

Upgrade your company’s assets and keep up with the competition. Select an asset to examine its properties and manage transfers. Hover over an icon to learn what it represents.

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Please log in to create or edit a company.

POINTS USED/Total: 0/10000

ASSETS USED/Total: 0/100

A company must consist of 100 assets in order to be playable in a game.

Buy a new asset

Welcome to the asset store. Over here are all the assets there are to choose from. Choose one that looks good to you. I recommend the Quantix L2 laptop.

Asset properties

When you select an asset, you inspect its properties here. Click BUY to purchase it. If you don’t like it or can’t afford it, just select another.

Adding assets

You have added the new asset to your inventory, but you haven’t yet assigned it to your company. To do so, click TRANSFER.

Asset management

Now the new asset has been added to your company; it appears on this side of the screen with all your company’s other assets.

Notice that the ASSETS USED/TOTAL entry has turned red. This is because a company must have 100 assets for it to be playable and you have just brought the total number of assets to 101. You need to choose an asset to remove.

Click to continue.

Asset management

If you added the Quantix L2, select the Simtek Ebla 1 smartphone from your company’s asset list (it makes sense to upgrade one mobile asset with another more powerful one). Otherwise, select another lower value asset than the one you just added.

Click to continue.

Removing assets

When you’re sure you have selected the asset you want to remove, click REMOVE.


That’s all there is to it. You have just made your company more powerful.

You can create new companies and change the assets assigned to each as often as you like.

Note that an asset can be assigned to more than one company. However, if you want 10 Quantix L2 laptops in a company, you’ll have to make sure you’ve bought 10!

Click to continue.

Play again!

If you want to earn more points, why not challenge someone else to a game? Or you’re welcome to challenge me to another single-player game. I would like the chance to even the score.

End of tutorial